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May 1, 2020

As adoptive mothers of kids from trauma we often find ourselves in a uniquely heart wrenching position that feels lonely and hopeless.  Weary of trying to explain our lives to well meaning loved ones, we isolate ourselves from the world. Sometimes we even isolate ourselves from God. These meditations and prayers offer the opportunity to reach out to the Father, who adopted us, for help, hope and healing.

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Beth captures the cries of many a mother's heart in this book. I found myself laughing and crying along with her as our adoption story mirrored hers in many ways. As she beautifully wrote of their trials and triumphs, I wondered if she had peeked in our windows as we share so many of the same stories, and I too have cried weary, exhausted, and bruised both physically and mentally. Every time, she brings it back to the Lord, where we find ourselves renewed and refreshed, given new strength, and find our spiritual vision honed and refocused. I have marked prayers, written my own, and found myself able to grow as a mother to our 3 adopted children, as well as to our 3 biological children. For any adoptive mother who may feel alone, that nobody "gets it", Beth does!! As a mother of 4 special needs children, I can say with confidence, she understands the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies parenting special needs children, of the grief that washes over us as we realize our motherhood journey may not be what we always envisioned. However, if we keep our eyes on the Lord and let him lead us in this journey, we will find many new and wonderful things we never imagined!! I can't recommend this book enough!! This is a book that will gather no dust, as I will be turning to it again and again.

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We adopted nearly 19 years ago and it has been a long journey to learn all of the many facets that adoption is. Joy, loss, grief, love, heartache, amazing, exhausting, and rewarding. I’ve read many books and mentored adoptive parents by the dozens. Beth’s book is special in that it is raw and honest, she holds nothing back. Once you’ve read this book you will walk away feeling validated, understood, and with the knowledge that you aren’t alone. Highly recommend it to those who have adopted as well as those who are considering it.

Carrie B. - Adoptive Mother

*Source: Amazon-Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2021

Beth put into words the pain, the grief, and all the emotion's that I could not find words for. They say you have to "name it to tame it," and her words helped put words and names to my emotions. It is such a comfort to know that I was not alone on this difficult journey of raising children who experienced a primal wound. My faith and knowing that I am not alone are the only thing that has carried me through the days of being rejected by the very ones I love, and desired to help heal. Beth put into words the silent cries of my heart, and when I didn't know how to pray these mediations became prayers that brought about comfort and peace in my soul.

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